Chapter 2. libs3d - The S3D API

2.1. Using the s3d library

2.1.1. Setting s3d up

Install the lib using the usual usual mechanism:

 make install
You might need to have superuser rights in order to do make install. You should now have the server, the library and some applications installed somewhere.

2.1.2. Getting started

After having s3d installed, you can write your own s3d programs (yeah, that is what this guide is about ;)

 #include <s3d.h>
should be enough to access the 3d functions. If you want to use keyboard interaction, do

 #include <s3d_keysym.h>
for the keycode table. Now you can compile your program with

 bash$  gcc program.c -ls3d -o program 
 That wasn't that hard, wasn't it?