is a 3d network display server which can be used as 3d desktop environment. This is just a quick and dirty development website and should grow soon.

S3D 0.2.2 RELEASED!! (01.05.2011)

After a long time without a release, but quite some work we proudly present s3d 0.2.2. The most important changes are:

  • Generate documentation from source code
  • Allow pseudo global optimisations for each module using -DENABLE_FINAL=ON as cmake parameter
  • Support batman-adv visualisation output and IPv6 addresses in meshs3d
  • Stricter const usage for strings to better integrate into (e)glibc's stricter const usage in version 2.10
  • Added better support for libraries in unusual places using pkg-config
  • Support of systems with unusual named OpenGL headers through SDL
  • Reduced library dependencies of compiled shared objects
  • Depend on libgps 2.90 for s3dosm GPS support as it is the first version with longer binary and API stability
  • Removed BSD PTY support in favor of Unix98 PTYs for s3dvt
  • Support to build s3d as position independent executable using gcc's -pie and -fPIE option without breaking libs3d(w)

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